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            Neutral Borosilicate Tubular Vial and Ampoule
            Low Borosilicate Tubular Vial and Ampoule
            Oral liquid vials
            Screw Neck Vial
            Neutral Borosilicate Tubular Vial and Ampoule
            Our company produces  neutral borosilicate glass ampoule bottles and neutral borosilicate glass tube injection bottles, which are all made of imported neutral borosilicate tubes. Because of its good physical and chemical properties, it has good compatibility with drugs. The product has strong thermal shock resistance, freezing resistance, acid and alkali resistance.
            Quality is strictly in accordance with YBB, ISO, EP, USP standards.
            The product size is accurate and the tolerance range is small. It can be designed according to YBB standard, ISO standard and customized specifications. Our company's neutral borosilicate products products are made of imported fully automatic bottle-making equipment.
            Consultation Hotline:+86 23 6834 9810
            Contact address:Zhengchuan Glass Industrial Park, Longfeng Street, Beibei District, Chongqing
            Zip code:400700
            Fax:008623 68232184

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